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Premier Su wishes the quality of all public construction work in Taiwan be improved2020-03-10
Life Cycle accessment for Public Works Strategies2020-03-10
Amendment to enhance the function of the Government Procurement Act passed in 20192019-05-22
Government cannot owe money to contractors; Public Construction Commission has a supervision mechanism in place2013-04-17
PCC Invited Foreign Government Institutes and Commerce Chambers in Taiwan for a New Year’s Meeting2013-01-18
EU and Taiwan held the Annual Regulatory Dialogue on Government Procurement2013-01-10
Enhancement Measures taken by Public Construction Commission to Improve the Construction Industry Environment2012-12-24
Investment Solicitation Conference on Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects To be Held on Oct. 232012-10-11
The Regulations Governing Fees for the Mediation for Dispute Regarding the Performance of the Contract for Government Procurement is revised to include an upper limit for the mediation fee2012-09-13
Public Construction Commission Promotes New Settlement of Governing the Mediation for Dispute Regarding the Performance of the Contract for Government Procurement2012-09-06
Diverse Introduction of Private Funds to be Invested in Infrastructure Projects2012-08-30
Deputy Ministers and Deputy Mayors/Magistrates joined in PCC to Discuss the New Policies and Practices for Public Construction2012-07-24
Enhancing the quality of the Service Industry by Awarding to the Most Advantageous Tender2012-07-10
Executive Yuan Promotes the Project of Introducing Private Capital to Expand Participation in Public Infrastructure2012-07-06
Ranking Improved in IMD Government Efficiency due to Open Competition of Government Procurement2012-06-27
Proactive Measures Complementary to Arbitration in Model Contract for Construction Procurement, Now is Available2012-06-19
Public Construction Commission Press Release2012-06-18
Minister Chern visited Ministry of Justice to promote arbitration and a clean/effective environment2012-04-20
Say No to corruption in doing business with Taiwan Government2012-03-16
The World Trade Organization (WTO) Government Procurement Committee adopted our accession to the Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) on December 9, 2008.2009-07-15
New strength is born on the Eve of the 10th Anniversary of the 1999 Chi-chi Eearthquake2009-04-22
Green efforts will take up more than 10% of the 4-year, NT$500 billion Economic Revitalization Policy - Project to Expand Investment in Public Works2009-04-14
Chinese Institute of Engineers admitted to the Engineers Mobility Forum2008-06-24
Taiwanese engineer association joined the Federation of Engineering Institutions of Asia and the Pacific2008-06-10
EU, PCC held government procurement seminar2008-06-10
Statistics of Origin for Procurement and Major Origin for Procurement Covered by GPA , 20072008-05-27
Good News on Promotion of Business Opportunities for Private Participation worth NT$13,900,000,000 Open by Late April2008-05-08
Heavy metal was filtered out by gravel.2008-03-01
The Black-Faced Spoonbill Conservation Center2007-12-07
American Ecological Engineering Society (AEES) and Taiwan2007-12-07
Public Construction Commission Executive Yuan Press Releases2007-11-15