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"The 20th Public Construction Golden Quality Award" presented to 55 high-quality public constructions

The Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan held the awarding ceremony of "The 20th Public Construction Golden Quality Award" on Dec. 24th, 2020. Premier of Executive Yuan, Su Tseng-chang, attended the ceremony and presented the 2020 "Public Constructions Quality Award-the Supreme Quality Award", which made the award-winning teams and their family members more honorable.

Premier Su said that public constructions can be regarded as a demonstration of a nation’s strength, and the award-winning engineering teams’ outstanding professional performance in planning, design, supervision and construction should be affirmed and encouraged. Premier Su also encouraged all senior engineers in the engineering industry to be models of junior engineers and work together to make Taiwan more beautiful.

Minister Wu of the Public Construction Commission said that the number of competitors and winners reaches a record high this year, and the number of recommendations from local governments surpasses that of the central ministries for the first time in the past 20 sessions of the Public Construction Golden Quality Award, which shows that the quality of public constructions by local governments has been continuously improved. In addition, Minister Wu would like to thank all the evaluators for their hard working in the two-stage evaluation. Through their rigorous evaluation process, various excellent constructions and personnel stand out.

Minister Wu further proposed three major goals for the future. The first is to increase the rewards of the golden quality award. By increasing the proportion of procurement evaluation scores of advantageous tenders, the award-winning companies would have much more opportunities to win public construction bids and achieve the purpose of choosing good construction companies to drive out bad ones. Second, we must integrate the concept of sustainability and ecology into public constructions. While we are actively constructing, we should also take environmental protection and the maintenance of natural ecology into consideration so as to create "Sustainable co-prosperity" with nature. Third, the Special Contribution Award should be adjusted to be awarded every year to reward the engineering teams that continue to maintain excellent performance.

Minister Wu finally mentioned that under the severe influences of COVID-19 this year, most of the construction projects are still ahead of schedule and achieve good results. We should give the highest recognition and encouragement to them. Minister Wu would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Taiwanese engineering teams and expect that everyone keeps working hard to create a high-quality engineering environment.