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At the APEC leaders meeting in 1995 at Osaka, there was agreement to the need of facilitating the mobility of qualified persons among the member economies. Consistent with the Osaka Action Agenda, the meeting of 18 member economies of APEC HRD Ministers in Manila in January 1996, the acceleration and expansion of project initiatives on mutual recognition of skill qualifications was urged.

So, the intent of the APEC Engineer Register is to recognize the equivalencies in the qualifications and experience of practicing professional engineers in the participating economies and to facilitate the mobility for cross border practice of qualified engineers among participating economies.

The APEC Engineer Coordinating Committee will approve and monitor the operation of the APEC Engineer Registration undertaken by each of Monitoring Committees of participating economy.

The initial operation of authorized APEC Engineer Registers by the eight founding members commenced on November 1, 2000.

The Chinese Taipei APEC Engineer Monitoring Committee has been authorized the registration operation and to promote acceptance of the APEC Engineer since June 17, 2005.

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Chinese Taipei APEC Engineer Monitoring Committee, Chinese Institute of Engineers
Address:1, 4th floor, Sec.2, RenAi Rd., Taipei 10055, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone: 886-2-2392-5128
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