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Premier Su wishes the quality of all public construction work in Taiwan be improved

Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan held the awarding ceremony of "The 19th Public Construction Gold Award" on (Dec. 24th,2019). Premier of Executive Yuan, Su Tseng-chang, attended the ceremony and presented the 2019 "Public Project Quality Award", "Personal Contribution Award", and "Public Engineering Professional Medal" to the awarded unit and personnel, which made the team and their family members more honorable.


Upon the invitation of Minister Wu of Public Construction Commission, Premier Su awarded all 50 project and personal awards, a total of 180 trophies and 3 professional medals, to express the government's deep concern of public construction works involving public affairs, public safety and public interests. In addition, the efforts of the award-winning units, individuals and Public Construction Commission, in public works were also affirmed.


Premier Su said that Public Construction Gold Award selection process is rigorous. Through the experienced evaluation committee, the awardees are all the top quality engineering teams in Taiwan. Premier Su believes that each project is composed of the best idea of the organizer and is made from the best materials of the manufacturer. It can be described as a combination of best team work. No matter the size of the project, it should be completed with serious and rigorous attitude. In addition, Taiwan is already one of the world's top four innovative powerhouses, and domestic engineering technology had reached a certain level. Premier Su expected all the award-winning teams and engineering staffs to serve as leaders and role models, and under the leadership of Public Construction Commission, to promote the domestic construction related industries to keep up with the times, and to build a golden quality Taiwan.