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Amendment to enhance the function of the Government Procurement Act passed in 2019

  The amendment to the Government Procurement Act (hereinafter referred as the "Act"), passed by the Legislative Yuan on April 30, 2019, and promulgated by the President on May 22, 2019, has taken into consideration the balance between maintaining the order of government procurement and promoting the development of industries, i.e., a balance of deregulation and prevention of unlawfulness. It is expected that the amendment will be helpful to create a better government procurement regime. Topics of the amendment are as follows:

1. Improve government procurement procedures.

2. Impose more strict punishment against bribery.

3. Revise debarment mechanism to fit the principle of proportionality.

4. Exempt the application of the Act to procurements conducted by Art-Culture organizations using grants from government entities; promulgation of the regulation for the selection of suppliers and calculation of service fee for social welfare services; technical specifications may be based upon the purpose of promoting reservation of natural resources and protecting environment; awarding through, in principle, most advantageous tender without government estimate for social welfare servicers.

Public Construction Commission urges government entities to conduct procurement in accordance with the amendment, and to enhance the efficiency, function and quality of procurement, so that to create a better government procurement regime.