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“The 21st Public Construction Golden Quality Award” presented to 70 high-quality public constructions and facility maintenance.

“The 21st Public Construction Golden Quality Award” presented to 70 high-quality public constructions and facility maintenance. The Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan (PCC) held the awarding ceremony of "The 21st Public Construction Golden Quality Award" on Dec. 23th, 2021. Premier Su Tseng-chang attended the ceremony and presented the "Public Construction Quality Award-the Supreme Quality Award" and "Public Facility Maintenance and Management Award-the Supreme Quality Award". Premier Su thanked the award-winning teams and the audience.

The quality of public constructions represents the strength of a nation and the living quality of its people, said by Premier Su, to recognize the meaning of the "Public Construction Golden Quality Award". This year, the "Public Facility Maintenance and Management Award" was added. Through good maintenance and management, the effectiveness and lifespan of public constructions could be maximized. The relevant awards were evaluated through a rigorous mechanism to select the best construction and maintenance management teams. In addition to commending and honoring the winners, the Awards were also expected to set excellent construction models for successors, with the anticipation that Taiwan's public constructions become well-known all over the world like our accomplishment on epidemic prevention.

Premier Su also encouraged the participants that doing public constructions well needs the hard work and dedication of many people in the engineering teams, just like the Kinmen Bridge team, one of the Public Construction Quality Award-the Supreme Quality Awards this year. The Kinmen Bridge team has overcome the weather and geological difficulties such as sea state and rock to successfully complete the construction. Behind the honor, the unremitting efforts of the front-line engineers are the most important factors. On behalf of the government, Premier Su expressed his sincere thanks.

In addition to congratulating the award-winning construction teams and engineering staff who have made outstanding contributions to public constructions, Wu Tse-cheng, Minister of the PCC, also thanked all evaluators for their hard work. Minister Wu emphasized that despite the grim situation of COVID-19 in the past two years, the promotion of domestic public constructions has not been interrupted. Last year, the implementation rate of public constructions reached 95%, and this year (2021) is also expected to achieve the goal. This year's Golden Quality Award was successfully held under the regulations of epidemic prevention. Minister Wu appreciated and encouraged all the engineering teams of Taiwan.

Minister Wu said that the number of Golden Quality Award participants recommended by local governments has surpassed that of the central ministries for two consecutive years, which shows that local governments have gradually attached importance to the Award. He hoped that through active participation of all entities, the quality of public constructions will continue to improve. Besides newly adding "Public Facility Maintenance and Management Award" this year, the Golden Quality Award will be further classified according to the property of construction categories in the future. We hope all kinds of public constructions can pursue the best and strive for the Golden Quality Award.

Minister Wu also said that PCC has always regarded all public constructions across the country as its own responsibility, and mastered every step of the entire life cycle. Through the continuous improvement and full implementation of the government procurement system, in the future a more fair, impartial and open engineering environment will be established, and the overall engineering industry will be more sound. It is expected that governments will work together to lead engineering teams to progress continuously. Letting good companies participate in public constructions to provide service is the blessing of the country.