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To follow the New Southbound Policy and explore the global market simultaneously

Under the promotion of the New Southbound Policy (NSP), we encourage engineering industry to cooperate with NSP region government or private enterprises to progress high-quality infrastructure with excellent Taiwan engineering experience, technology and capabilities. The Executive Yuan approved the "Engineering Industry Globalization Promotion Plan (Policy White Book) Phase III(2022-2025) " on September 6th, 2021. The plan is mainly to strive for business opportunities of engineering in the New Southbound region, and to replicate successful experience to other worldwide regions.

After surveying of Taiwan’s export potential and the infrastructure needs of New Southbound countries, seven key areas for cooperation have been identified: energy, petrochemical plants, electronic toll collection (ETC), railway, environmental protection, water resources and development or investment of the industrial park. In 2021, our engineering businesses have obtained 39 bids, worth NT$114 billion (US$407 million) in the New Southbound region. To build on the achievements, the Public Construction Commission in 2022 pooled interagency resources to assist Taiwanese engineering businesses in overseas exports, including helped SMEs doing business in New Southbound countries.