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Chinese Institute of Engineers admitted to the Engineers Mobility Forum

In recent years, the Public Construction Commission under the Executive Yuan has devoted itself to assisting domestic professional societies to gain membership in international engineering associations. The effort not only helps domestic engineers to gain the qualification for international engineers, but also increases the global business competitiveness of Taiwan engineering industry.


After the Taiwan-based Chinese Institute of Engineers became a member of the Federation of Engineering Institutions of Asia and the Pacific (FEIAP) on June 2, the same institute was again admitted to provisional membership of the Engineers Mobility Forum (EMF) on June 24 in the International Engineering Meeting(IEM) held in Singapore.


The EMF in nature is similar to the APEC Engineer Framework – both are intended to establish an international standard of competence for professional engineers. The only difference between the two is that the Engineers Mobility Forum has a broader membership. The APEC Engineer Framework is comprised of APEC member states, while the Engineers Mobility Forum consists of APEC members, as well as non-APEC members, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa. Those engineers who are reconized by the EMF gain the status of "International Engineer."


After Taiwan joined the APEC Engineer Framework in June 2005 and became a signatory to the Washington Accord on engineering education accreditation in June 2007, all Taiwan-based societies of professional engineers agreed it was time for Taiwan to apply for membership to the Engineers Mobility Forum.


The Public Construction Commission believes that as an EMF member, Taiwan will be able to better help its engineers to gain the recognition of international engineer and it's engineering consulting firms to enter other markets.


Jenn-Chuan, Chern vice chairperson of the Public Construction Commission, noted that Taiwan's admission as a provisional member of the Engineers Mobility Forum is an important step forward in the globalization of Taiwan's engineering industry. And the achievement was only possible through the collaboration of the industry, the academia, and the government, said Chern.


"In particular, we have to thank Za-Chieh Moh for his selfless devotion," said Chern. Moh is the chair of the APEC Engineer-Chinese Taipei APEC Engineer Monitoring Committee, Taiwan's representative entity in the APEC Engineer Framework.


According to the Chinese Institute of Engineers, the next step is to have Taiwan gain the status of full member in the EMF annual meeting held in Japan next year. Moreover, it will promote the mutual recognition qualification of professional engineers of Taiwan and other countries. International professional engineers or firms with international engineers can through this channel to enter worldwide market, then gain honor and wealth of Taiwan.