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Minister Martínez of Transport and Infrastructure of Nicaragua Visited PCC

Minister Pablo Fernando Martínez Espinoza of Transport and Infrastructure of Nicaragua visited Dr. Jenn-Chuan Chern, Minister of Public Construction Commission, on May 1, 2013.
During the visit, Minister Martínez expressed his admiration for the infrastructures in Taiwan which have been developed in keeping the natural environment conservation into reality, and that is worth learning for Nicaragua. 
Minister Chern said that while Nicaragua and Taiwan have almost the same geographical conditions, and that Nicaragua is working hard in developing the infrastructure construction, it would be a good idea for both countries to share experience to each other in terms of infrastructure development.
Minister Martínez mentioned that both Nicaragua and Taiwan have long expreriences in dealing with natural disasters such as earthquakes and tropical storms. Statistics show that severe storms and major earthquakes hit Nicaragua in every 10 years and 40 years respectively, and it would be important to build the infrastructure strong enough to withstand the power of earthquakes and tropical storms.
For the issue of tackling global climate change, Minister Martínez mentioned that Taiwan has successful experience, and further cooperation may be promoted in this issue.
At the end, Minister Martínez expressed his gratitude for Taiwan’s assistance in building a new gymnasium for Nicaragua people, and encouraged Taiwanese companies to participate in the public works of Nicaragua. 


Minister Martínez of Nicaragua and Dr. Chern of PCC


Minister and Mrs. Martínez of Nicaragua and the Other Participants