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Investment Solicitation Conference on Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects To be Held on Oct. 23

To promote private participation in infrastructure projects, Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan, since 2010, has held Promotion of Private Participation in infrastructure projects Seminar each year to market and invite participation of potential private sectors in public construction. To drive the affairs of promotion of investment in infrastructure projects in “Economic Power-Up Plan” and to extend the power-up plan of NTD 100 billions in contract expense for private participation in infrastructure projects in 2011, Public Construction Commission held the Investment Solicitation Conference on Sources of Business Opportunities for Private Participation in Public Construction for 2013 ahead of designated time.

The Investment Solicitation Conference has been planned to be held in Taipei International Convention Center in the afternoon of October 23, 2012. Participating units comprise Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Transportation and Communications and National Palace Museum of central government agencies and 6 county and city governments including Taipei City, New Taipei City, Kaohsiung City, Hsinchu City, Penghu County and Kinmen County. Over NTD 100 billions of business opportunities for private investment in infrastructure projects will be released. Investors are welcome to participate in the event, and the effective time for signing up online is from now until October 18.
Public Construction Commission compiled the sources of business opportunities expected to be released by organizations, and 30 of which are large-scale cases that are more feasible and can be involved in the investment solicitation case in the near future with the investment expense exceeding NTD 100 billions. Approaches for private participation include promotion of participation in BOT, setting of land development of superficies, urban renewal and joint development. The large-scale cases include “A25 Government-Owned Land Development Project in Xinyi District, Taipei City” (NTD 30 billions), “International Trade Park at Shueitou Harbor, Kinmen County” (NTD 12.4 billions) and “Urban Renewal Project along HSR in Nangang District, Taipei City” (NTD 11 billions).
The Investment Solicitation Conference will be held to effectively introduce multiple capitals to invest in domestic infrastructure and to activate domestic economic market, as stated by Public Construction Commission. Domestic businesses (domestic capital) have been invited, such as insurance industry and life insurance industry (association and its members), postal savings, labor pension and labor insurance fund and related large-scale enterprises (construction corporations), Bankers Association, Association of Industry and Commerce, General Chamber of Commerce and Federation of Industries and their members. Foreign capital providers have also been invited: large-scale fund like Morgan Stanley, foreign chambers of commerce or offices of commerce (countries that have participated in infrastructure projects), China capital enterprises that have invested in Taiwan and Taiwan organizations that have acted as agent for China capital investment. Authority in charge will explain the sources of business opportunities in major public construction in the foreseeable future, and it will also have face-to-face interchanges with investors to create a turning point in cooperation and mutual trust. By doing so, private sectors will be urged to participate in infrastructure projects, and the goal of NTD 100 billions of contract expense will be reached. Investors are welcome to participate. For related information, please go to the event website of Public Construction Commission: http://ppp.pcc.gov.tw. (E)