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The Black-Faced Spoonbill Conservation Center

The black-faced spoonbill conservation center, which is affiliated to Tainan County government, cut a whole group of mangroves adjacent to the building in the names of “dredging” and “landscape engineering”. Located in Shi-Fen village, Chi-Gu township, the conservation center opened two years ago, and the research center is to be launched in the end of the year, due to the delay of kitchen construction. Lately, for the site preparation, a group of mangrove was taken away because of degrading and landscape engineering work.

The director of Tainan county conservation society, Mr. Chu Ren-Wu said that, the original conservation center was separated from the road by a huge mass of riverside green mangroves, and also overlooking the wild bird conservation area. It was an exceptional research environment. However, during the construction of the center, a group of mangroves was cut because of the transportation of the building materials, and moreover, 30-meter-long of mangrove was sacrificed this time.


“How can the government agency whose duty is conservation and ecological research cut trees in the name of landscape engineering?” Mr. Chu said helplessly. He added on that “dredging the old runway of Tseng-Wen river has nothing to do with the mangroves by the sides. The mangroves grow on the sides of the canal, stabilizing the banks, so there is no way that they block the river flow.”